How to save the value of moving house?


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How to save the value of moving house?

If you’re stretching your budget to the limit to urge your dream home, you’ll want to stay any moving costs to a minimum. Luckily there are many ways you’ll get those bills down.

We’ve got our own golden rules for you to follow, and have also added some cracking advice from the penny-pinching gurus at

Declutter your home

Removal quotes are supported volume; therefore, the more you’re taking with you, the more you’ll pay. Be brutal – if you haven’t used something within the past two years, it’s unlikely you’ll do so within the future.

Book as early as you’ll 

Providers often charge more for late bookings as they know you’ve got less room for manoeuvre. Book is moving services in many time, particularly conveyancing because the full process can take between eight and 12 weeks from the time you instruct a property solicitor to completion.

Compare providers

Get three quotes from removal firms for the most straightforward price and use one that’s a member of British Association of Removers as they’re going to be insured for your contents and abide with by its strict code of practice.

DIY removals will be cheaper, but much more stressful, and there’s still the higher costs and petrol to require under consideration.

Eat all of your food beforehand

Bringing food from your old house isn’t just a transportation expense. Moving fresh and frozen groceries comes with the danger that they might spoil, or leak and damage your things, causing you to possess to hand over on replacements. So eating everything up beforehand makes far more financial sense!

mapped out your packing materials months beforehand 

You could just head to your nearest self-storage facility and buy all the boxes and bubble wrap you need… but it ‘cost you. Instead, lead to your local supermarket and ask if they need any boxes they will offer you for free of charge. As they get deliveries a day, it’s quite likely they’ll have some going spare.

‘Use the materials you have already got wisely, too,’ says Darren Williams of ‘Bedding, towels and clothing make great padding for fragile items or awkwardly packed boxes that rattle around during transit.’

Use freezer bag for nuts and bolts

Disassembling furniture to manoeuvre it’d appear to be an honest idea… until it gets to the opposite end and you realise you’ve lost a vital nut or bolt and can’t put it back together again!

Disclaimer: Services provided here are only for Novelty, Education and Entertainment purposes only.