How to Disable Spotlight Search on the iPhone and Improve Battery Life?


How to Disable Spotlight Search on the iPhone and Improve Battery Life

I’m positive you’ve detected that disabling search classification in Windows and mackintosh OS will save battery life whereas your computer’s on battery mode.

Well, it constantly applies to your iPhone. Once Spotlight is turned on (the default setting), iPhone’s search feature indexes the content on your iPhone. This index includes emails, contacts, apps, and just about everything sold on the iPhone.

Spotlight Search Uses Battery whereas classification

Like all classification services, Spotlight Search uses up a number of your battery’s life whereas classification. If you’re wanting to squeeze each potential lepton from your iPhone’s battery you will need to show off Spotlight Search.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a button to disable Spotlight on the iPhone, however disabling what Spotlight searches for, can do the trick. You ought to conjointly see a performance boost on older iPhones.

In this guide, I’ll show you the way to show off Spotlight Search on the iPhone.

Software/Hardware used: iPhone four running iOS 4.3.

Disable spotlight search one

  • Faucet Settings from the house Screen.
  • On the Settings page faucet General.
  • Disable spotlight search five
  • Faucet Spotlight Search on the overall page.

Faucet with all the things listed to get rid of the checkmark, that is, disable Spotlight explore for every one of the things.

When you uncheck the things from the Spotlight Search list they’re going to be far away from the index and iOS will now not consume resources and battery classify this stuff.

This should facilitate preserve some battery life and provides a performance boost to older iPhones.

You disable Spotlight explore for all the things listed you’ll now not be able to search for items on your iPhone mistreatment Spotlight Search.

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