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How to let Your Employees Grow Empowered


How to let Your Employees Grow Empowered

In the past 50 years, technology has evolved so much that it is not difficult for us to keep in touch with anything – from friends and family across the world, to a book we liked 20 years ago. The Internet opened up a path for anyone who wanted to start a business by making it easy for entrepreneurs to market their ideas online.

However, this has given rise to the concept of “gig economy” – an employment model that is structured around people taking on temporary positions rather than being full-time employees. Gig economy can be beneficial for both employers and employees as they are able to work without the constraints of boundaries. But, along with this flexibility comes the lack of security and protection for employees which is one of the key factors of why companies are struggling with high turnover rates.

1.     Build Trust by Showing Your True Self


A study conducted by Dr. Jacqueline Feldman shows that one of the main reasons employees leave their jobs is because “they feel betrayed by their managers”. How do you prevent this from happening? By being open and honest with your employees.

It might sound counterintuitive as people usually try to stay away from anything that can potentially end up in a confrontation, but it’s important for managers to be transparent about the company’s goals and plans. It also instills trust between employees and managers. By sharing information, employees feel empowered which leads them to make more informed decisions that directly impact the company’s bottom line.

2.     Offer Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities


If you want your employees to stay with your organization for a long time, it’s important that they grow in their own careers while helping the business grow at the same time.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) states that employers are more likely to retain workers. If they have programs in place to help employees grow and develop their skills. Offering ongoing training can give your business a competitive advantage as it enables you hire top talent. It also trains employees on the latest processes and helps them discover their leadership styles.

3.     Help Employees Achieve Personal Goals and Dreams


When employees work for a company, they think of it as an important part of their lives. It helps define who they are and what skills sets they bring to the table. Without it, your employees feel like something’s missing. This is why you need to help your employees pursue their own goals and dreams. It can be anything from starting a new career in the company, teaching them new skills or helping with relocation.

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