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Key Elements to Look for in a Payroll Platform


Key Elements to Look for in a Payroll Platform

Payroll and related expenses can account for 50 percent or more of your total expenses for a business. Which is why it’s crucial to make sure you’re using the right payroll system in order to prevent costly mistakes and improve efficiency throughout your company.

Not only can the ideal payroll software assist your team to stay well-organized. But from the perspective of employee engagement it can facilitate the transition from employee to hire smooth.

Does your payroll system set you up for success on the human aspect of your business? Below, we’ve listed some essential criteria that your staff should be considering when evaluating the current payroll service and considering changing to a new provider.

1. A seamless connection with your Hiring Platform

After a new hire has signed the offer letter, important information about the employee’s new hire could disappear during the transition between your payroll and hiring platform. However, by utilizing an payroll system that has linked to the hire platform and a hiring platform. You will be able to make the transition from applicant to employee. With the data you already have during hiring interview process You can easily build an employee’s profile. Make sure that you have everything to prepare each employee to be successful from an administrative perspective.

2. Digital Onboarding Before the First Day

In many companies employees spend the bulk of their first day filling in documents for administrative purposes. However, as time has spent filling out paperwork, workers may be unable to feel the enthusiasm. They felt when they took up the job offer and the time spent filling out paperwork could lead to a decrease in productivity.

To avoid the need for manual paperwork at the beginning of the day the team must look for a payroll company that offers the capability of digital onboarding. The digital onboarding allows new employees to complete paperwork after their offer letters have signed. And start their day-to day work earlier rather than later. It also prevents your HR department from repeating the same steps every the time an employee gets hired.

The tasks to have completed prior to the start of the day of employment include filling in direct deposit details for automated payroll, filling out taxes forms, filling in the benefits paperwork. And then making sure that the employees handbook has signed. You can speed up the process by sending it electronically prior to the new employee’s first day.

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