Our Services have Developed Figure Services Designed Particularly for Scientists


Figures editing:

Let the consultants prepare your manuscript’s figures for publication. They say ‘an image is price one thousand words.’ and therefore the impact of your analysis isn’t restricted to what you’ll categorical with words. While tables and figures like graphs, images, illustrations, diagrams, and also different visuals will play a big role in effective communicate your findings.

Our Approach:

As you prepare your manuscript for submission to a bookish journal. You may follow comprehensive tips for figures, creating changes to the resolution, file type, size, colors, and font. So that you would like to make sure that tables are formatted properly in keeping with journal specifications. Because you furthermore might need to make sure that your figures are as clear and decipherable as doable, and are properly ready for publication.

Researchers who are consultants in their fields aren’t essentially experts with the code and style skills required for excellent figures for publication. Therefore our services have developed Figure services designed particularly for scientists who are making ready for this significant step within the publication method. While our figure consultants are revealed researchers WHO are extremely mean within the creation of scientific figures. Therefore if you’ve got existing tables or figure files that require to adjust to journal tips, we will help!

Quality Guarantee:

Our Figures service prepares your figures and tables to the precise specifications of the journal. Because we have a tendency to guarantee that the formatted figures and tables that you just receive can meet the declared specifications of the journal that you elite. Furthermore if the journal has any problems with the preparation of your figures or tables, we’ll resolve those problems at no cost. Additionally, if you’re disgruntled with any side of the looks of your formatted figures, we’ll work with you till you’re pleased with the presentation of your information.

Our Services

Our Figures service generates publication-ready figures from your files that adapt to your chosen journal’s specifications. This includes changes to file kind, resolution, color, space, font, scale, line weights, and layout (to improve readability and skilled appearance).

Disclaimer: Services provided here are only for Novelty, Education and Entertainment purposes only.