Sync podcasts, iTunes U, and books to your iPhone


Sync podcasts, iTunes U, and books to your iPhone

You can conjointly adjust podcasts, academic content from iTunes U, 2 sorts of books — e-books for reading and audio-books for listening  and photos.

To transfer podcasts to your iPhone, choose the adjustment Podcasts to check confines on the Podcasts page. So then you’ll be able to mechanically embody but several podcasts you would like by creating choices from the 2 pop-up menus, as shown within the following figure. While if you have got podcast episodes on playlists. Because you’ll be able to embody them by choosing the suitable check to confine the embody Episodes from the Playlists section.

The Podcasts pane determines that podcasts are traced to your iphone.

To adjust academic content from iTunes U, 1st chooses the adjustment iTunes U checkbox to alter iTunes U singing. Then select what percentage episodes to incorporate and whether or not you would like all collections or solely hand-picked collections from the 2 pop-up menus.

While if you would like to conjointly to embody individual things or items on playlists. Choose the suitable check boxes within the things section and embody things from the Playlists section of the iTunes U pane.

You can adjust all of your e-books and audio books in addition to just sync hand-picked titles by selecting the suitable buttons and check boxes within the Books page. To adjust e-books, you would like the free i Books app from the App Store.

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