Making a invoke Your iPhone Part of iPhone For Dummies Cheat Sheet


Making a invoke Your iPhone Part of iPhone For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You have many choices for creating a call from your iPhone. Initial faucet the Phone icon on the house screen, so faucet on one amongst these icons:


Scroll through the list of contacts till you discover the person you would like to decision. Faucet the person’s name so taps the acceptable sign (such as home or mobile).


The iphone equivalent of speed dialing, or the list of individuals (and the particular numbers) your decision most frequently. Faucet listing and iphone dials.


sound the Recents icon displays the iphone decision logs. Recent homes of logs of all the recent calls created or received, further as calls that you simply incomprehensible. Faucet anyplace on a reputation to come to a decision.


Manually dial on a virtual touch-tone input device.

Voice Control/Siri:

Press and hold down:

  • The Home button on iphone seven or eight models
  • The facet button on iphone X models
  • The center button on most wired headsets

And then say “call” or “dial” followed by either the name of somebody in your contacts or a sign. Or if you’ve got Hey Siri enabled (settings→general→Allow “Hey Siri”), you’ll be able to skip pressing and holding and simply say the magic words (which are, of course, “Hey Siri).”


Through visual voice mail, you’ll be able to hear voice mail messages in any order you would like. To reproduce a voice mail, faucet the name or variety in question. Then faucet the little play/pause icon that shows up on the left of the name or variety. Returning a decision is as straightforward as sound the inexperienced decision Back button.


To initiate a facetime video chat, dial the person’s regular iphone variety as was common. Once the voice decision connects, either you’ll be able to faucet the facetime button that seems on the screen to start out a Face Time video chat. Each party should be victimization AN iphone four or later, a fourth-generation ipod bit, an ipad 2, or a mackintosh running OS X then.6.6 or later; otherwise, the facetime button doesn’t seem.

Note that you simply will maintain contact and select a fast action, which can embody decision, Message, facetime, and Mail, reckoning on the data you’ve got for that contact (all current models except the iphone XS R).

For Seniors:

Take photos with the iphone 4S Cameras

You can shoot your photos by victimization the intrinsic cameras within the iphone 4S. Iphone’s front- and rear-facing cameras permit you to capture photos and videos and share them with family and friends. The iphone fours sport 8mp and 1080p cameras; the iphone 4 provides a 5mp and 720p camera.

Tap the Camera app icon on the house screen to open the app.

If the Camera/Video slider setting at the bottom-right corner of the screen is shifted to the proper, slide it to the left to settle on the still camera instead of video.

Tap the choices button, faucet the On/Off button for Grid, so faucet Done.

This activates a grid that helps you position an issue inside the grid and optical device. If you would like, faucet the HDR button further to extend the distinction of the image you capture.

Tap the Flash button within the top-left corner of the screen and faucet On if your lighting is dim enough to need a flash, Off if you don’t wish iphone to use a flash, or car if you would like to let iphone decide for you

Move the camera around till you discover a lovely image. You’ll be able to do a handful of things by now to assist you are taking your photo:

Tap the world of the grid wherever you would like the camera to the optical device.

Pinch the screen to show a zoom control; drag the circle within the zoom bar to the proper or left to crop the image to a smaller space.

Tap the Capture button at the lowest center of the screen.

You’ve simply taken an image, and it’s kept within the Photos app mechanicaly

You can conjointly use the quantity button with the sign on that (located on the left facet of your iphone) to capture an image or begin or stop video camera recording.

Tap the Switch Camera button within the top-right corner to change between the front camera and rear camera.

You can then take photos of yourself, thus move and click on the Capture button to require another image.

To view the last exposure taken, swipe to the left or faucet the fingernail of the most recent image within the bottom-left corner of the screen; the Photos app opens and displays the exposure.

Tap the Menu button (it’s the box with AN arrow taking off of it, settled within the bottom-left corner of the screen) to show a menu that enables you to e-mail, or instant message the exposure, assign it to a contact, use it as iphone wallpaper, tweet it, or print it.

To delete the image, with it displayed faucet the garbage can button within the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Tap the house button to shut Photos and come to the house screen.

To go to the camera with the Lock screen displayed, faucet the house button double, and a camera icon seems. Faucet it and you go on to the Camera app.

You can use exposure Stream feature to mechanically transfer photos to icloud. The photos are then transferred to different ios devices that are found out to download photos. Active exposure Stream in iphone  Settings for Photos.

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