The Challenges of The Manual Process Utility Information Collection


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The challenges of the manual process utility information collection

Utility bills are usually provided in 2 ways: Electronically whether or not it’s emailed directly or downloaded from an internet site and mailed to an address in paper form. For in-house workers members to manually collect the utility bills, categorize them. And enter them into a system there’s longer spent organizing the information instead of having the ability to utilize it. Another challenge that a lot of businesses realize is that the inconsistency of once bound utility bills are accessible, and lots of those utility bills are available in totally different formats and units of measuring. Whereas an internet site might say that they transfer bills monthly on a particular date, additional usually than not these bills are some days late inflicting workers’ members to unendingly check daily till it’s accessible.

Report annual energy consumption

These varieties create it difficult for energy and property businesses to completely utilize information trends and make the period of time choices. In a very recent revealing law. It needs house owners of economic buildings to report annual energy consumption. Grouping utility bill information conjointly helps aid giant business building house owners to submit energy use disclosures to follow energy commission standards. Similarly, there’s additional pressure on utility suppliers and consultants to stay competitive. Whereas finding new ways in which to boost their operational potency for utility bill information management to deliver client satisfaction.

How we have a tendency to edit your bills for efficiency

We utilize a mix of technology and human intervention to edit your bills that has speed, accuracy, and high information quality to boost your utility bill process. For physical, mail we offer a customized which will receive all armored utility bills. So that are then sliced, sorted, and scanned into high-quality pictures. These pictures at the side of electronic utility bills that we have a tendency to edit for you’ll be able to then simply eaten onto the utility manager wherever information capture has automated for efficiency. Therefore utility bill auditing validates all bills and any thought-about to be suspicious have flagged for additional investigation. Running multiple layers of quality assurance, ensures the best accuracy employing a combination of each programmatic and manual processes.

In order to extend your visibility, we have a tendency to conjointly give a customization service. So that permits you to look at consumption metrics, data, and monthly statistical reports. Because this information will then downloaded in a very file format that best works together with your system for straightforward bodily function.

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